Communication and Photography

About Communication and Photography

We educate photography professionals, capable of communicating innovative messages with creativity, fluency, integrity and respect, expressing the culture of their time through a global vision. By creating high quality images, using modern photography equipment, applying contemporary digital tools, without ignoring the classic photographic processes.

Which degree will be obtained?

Bachelor's degree in Communication and Photography

What will the duration be?

10 academic terms in a 5-year period

Where will you be able to study?

Villa campus

Area of Application

After studying Communication and Photography at UPC, you will be able to work as:

  • Photographer.
  • Graphic editor.
  • Advertising photographer.
  • Staff photographer.
  • Visual artist.
  • Industrial and corporate photographer.
  • Director of photography.
  • Visual researcher.
  • Independent photographer.

Specialized Mac laboratory for digital photography.

The program has a photography studio.

Black and white photography laboratory.




You can take cutting-edge courses such as Photography and Fashion Production, Black and White Photography, Photo-essay Workshop, Advertising Photography, Art Direction in Photography, among others. The program will regularly feature international speakers and guests who will share their experiences with the students. You will be educated in strategy and project management.





  • Comprensión y producción de lenguaje 1
  • Matemática Básica
  • Taller de Introducción a las comunicaciones
  • Introducción a la Fotografía
  • Temas de Historia del Perú
  • Ética y Ciudadanía
  • Taller de Creatividad
  • Nuevos Medios y Nuevas Tendencias
  • Taller de Fotografía General
  • Comprensión y Producción del Lenguaje 2
  • Historia Contemporánea
  • Antropología Social
  • Temas de Filosofía
  • Proyecto Visual 1
  • Estadística para Comunicadores
  • Iluminación 1
  • Introducción a los Medios Digitales
  • Fundamentos de la Gerencia
  • Seminario Integrado de Investigación
  • Proyecto Visual 2
  • Taller de Diseño Gráfico 1
  • Iluminación 2
  • Antropología Visual
  • Lenguajes Artísticos
  • Taller de Diseño Gráfico 2 (Publicidad)
  • Fotografía Blanco y Negro 1
  • Taller de Fotografía de Paisajes
  • Taller de Fotografía Periodística
  • Historia de la Fotografía
  • Economía para la Gestión
  • Fotografía Blanco y Negro 2
  • Taller de Desnudos
  • Globalización: Enfoque Cultural y Económico
  • Investigación de Mercados
  • Fotografía Publicitaria
  • Electivo de Nivel 6
  • Semiótica
  • Formato Medio y Grande
  • Dirección de Arte en Fotografía
  • Taller de Multimedia y Fotografía 1
  • Diseño y Evaluación de Proyectos Fotográficos
  • Taller de Fotografía de Ensayo Periodístico
  • Electivo de Nivel 7
  • Fotografía de Autor
  • Fotografía y Producción de Moda
  • Taller de Multimedia y Fotografía 2
  • Impresiones y Publicaciones
  • Electivo de Nivel 8
  • Electivo de Nivel 8
  • Portafolio Profesional
  • Edición y Producción Editorial
  • Dirección en Fotografía
  • Taller de Proyectos de Investigación 1
  • Legislación en Comunicaciones
  • Foto Libro
  • Ética Profesional
  • Curaduria y Diseño de Exposiciones
  • Electivo de Nivel 10
  • Taller de Proyectos de Investigación 2

Launching of the program

Launching event of the Communication and Photography program at Campus Villa.

Summary of the Pinhole Festival

Pinhole Festival held with UPC students.

Collective photography exhibition

Exhibition of photographs taken by the Photography program students, having faculty as jury.

Field trip summary

Visit to Real Felipe and Museo Fugaz in Callao to take pictures.

Field trip- Communication and Photography

Visit to Real Felipe and Museo Fugaz in Callao to take pictures.


Launching of the program


Summary of the Pinhole Festival


Collective photography exhibition


Field trip summary


Field trip- Communication and Photography

Why study Communication and Photography at UPC?

UPC evolves and strives to offer the best for its students.

Cutting-edge technology and infrastructure

We have photography laboratory, Mac Laboratory, photography studio and other specialized spaces.

First-class faculty

Expert and demanding faculty with master's degrees abroad, winners of photography contests, specialists in image and photography research.

Develop your networking

Relation with the environment in which you will perform, through different communication media as print media, web, multimedia, art galleries etc.


Study one or two terms abroad. You will be able to choose among
the following options:

mapamundi icon-ubigeo icon-ubigeo

Budapest Metropolitan University (Hungary)


Universidade Potiguar (Brazil)


Prolongación Primavera 2390, Monterrico, Santiago de Surco
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