Audiovisual Communication and Interactive Media

About Audiovisual Communication and Interactive Media

We educate professionals capable of developing creative strategies for different conventional media (film, radio and television), as well as for new media (internet and digital platforms) and multiple formats and technological supports that respond to the audience’s needs.

Which degree will be obtained?

Bachelor of Audiovisual Communication and Interactive Media

What will the duration be?

10 academic terms in 5 years.

Where will you be able to study?

Villa campus, Monterrico campus, San Miguel campus, San Isidro campus.

Area of Application

After studying Audiovisual Communication and Interactive Media at UPC, you will be able to work as:

  • Producer and maker of films, documentaries, cultural projects, series, interactive montages, advertising spots, and others.
  • Screenwriter for audiovisual projects.
  • Audiovisual content generator and Community Manager.
  • Director of photography or digital animation.
  • Consultant and researcher.
  • Director of communication businesses and audiovisual producers.


Opportunities for international experiences.

It offers 2 UPC mentions in the program.

We offer cutting-edge


The Audiovisual Communication and Interactive Media program at UPC includes courses and workshops that will help you to know the digital environment perfectly. These are the courses you will take:



    Comunicación Audiovisual y Medios Interactivos


  • Comprensión y producción de lenguaje 1
  • Matemática Básica
  • Taller de Introducción a las comunicaciones
  • Taller de Creatividad
  • Temas de Historia del Perú
  • Ética y Ciudadanía
  • Seminario de investigación académica 1
  • Historia del Cine
  • Comprensión y Producción del Lenguaje 2
  • Teoría de la Imagen y el Sonido
  • Antropología Social
  • Historia Contemporánea
  • Estadística para comunicadores
  • Seminario de investigación académica 2
  • Fundamentos de la Gerencia
  • Taller de Fotografía General
  • Nuevos Medios y Nuevas Tendencias
  • Audiencias y Programación
  • Taller de Técnicas de Expresión Escrita
  • Narrativa Audiovisual
  • Instrumentos para la Gestión
  • Sociología de la Comunicación
  • Marketing
  • Semiótica
  • Lenguaje Audiovisual
  • Soportes Tecnológicos
  • Géneros y Formatos
  • Economía para la Gestión
  • Lenguajes Artísticos
  • Introducción a los Medios Digitales
  • Fotografía Publicitaria
  • Gestión de la Producción Audiovisual e Interactiva
  • Taller de Realizacion Audiovisual
  • Taller de Guión Audiovisual
  • Fundamentos de Expresión Musical
  • Dirección de Fotografía
  • Taller de Diseño Gráfico 1
  • Taller de Televisión Interactiva
  • Dirección Artística
  • Taller de Edición
  • Electivo
  • Taller de Diseño Gráfico 2 (Publicidad)
  • Financiamiento y Marketing Audiovisual
  • Taller de Programas de Entretenimiento
  • Postproducción Audiovisual
  • Taller de Sonido y Musicalización
  • Electivo
  • Legislación en Comunicaciones
  • Proyectos Audiovisuales e Interactivos
  • Taller de Documentales
  • Taller De Producción y Realización de Programas
  • Taller De Dirección de Actores
  • Electivo
  • Cine Digital
  • Taller de proyectos 1
  • Empresas Audiovisuales y Gestión Cultural
  • Electivo
  • Animación Digital y Proyectos Multimedia
  • Ética Profesional
  • Taller de Proyectos 2
  • Proyecto Audiovisual
  • Electivo

Program students’ testimonial

Students comment on what they like the most about Audiovisual Communication.

Valentín Falconi’s testimonial

He comments on this personal project with stopmotion and how the program helped him to have the necessary tools.

Mía Nauca’s testimonial

Audiovisual Communication graduate who works as a booktuber.

Audiovisual talent - Andrea Coombes

She tells us about her experience with the program that helped her carry out her personal projects.


Program students’ testimonial


Valentín Falconi’s testimonial


Mía Nauca’s testimonial


Audiovisual talent - Andrea Coombes

Why study Audiovisual Communication and Interactive Media at UPC?

UPC evolves and strives to offer the best for its students.

Program curriculum

The only program that combines audiovisual aspects with the social web and interactive platforms that generate content for projects applied to the real world.

International experiences

We have academic missions, exchanges, international speakers, and master classes with international guests.

4 mentions of the program

We have 2 UPC mentions: Advertising Creativity and Research Broadcast Journalism. In addition, we have 2 mentions of the program: Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

Specialized infrastructure

Studio 214 and specialized facilities available for the program: Post-production rooms (editing bays). TV sets, audio and radio cabins, and more.

Successful students and graduates

Winners of great recognitions for their short films inside and outside the country.


Study one or two terms abroad. You will be able to choose among
the following options:

mapamundi icon-ubigeo icon-ubigeo icon-ubigeo icon-ubigeo icon-ubigeo icon-ubigeo

Universidad Federal Fuminense (Sao Paulo- Brazil)


Universidad de la Sabana(Colombia)


Universidad Interamericana (Panama)


Universidad de Santiago Compostela (Spain)


University of Liverpool (United Kingdom)


Stockholm University (Suecia)

"He comments on his experience as a graduate and his work as a digital post-producer”.

Martín Ramírez

UPC graduate

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