Nutrition and Dietetics Program

About the Program

To educate professionals in Nutrition and Dietetics who are upstanding and innovative leaders with a global vision, so they contribute to the transformation of Peru.

To be recognized for educating health professionals with the highest professional competencies known for their leadership in the transformation of Peru.

Incoming students of the Medicine program show effective listening and communicate their ideas, emotions and opinions clearly, simply and coherently; support their ideas and recognize the concepts and principles that underlie them; demonstrate logical understanding, make judgments and draw valid conclusions for situations; handle their emotions effectively despite tension; they are sensitive toward others, respectful and tolerant of differences, and respect and accept the rules in their environment; they support their decisions on values, recognizing responsibility for them; and show interest in people and society service through medical and public healthcare practice, as well as through the generation of knowledge. They show sufficient knowledge in the areas of mathematics (basic notions of arithmetic, algebra, rectangular coordinate system, real functions of a real variable), chemistry (matter, atomic structure and periodic table, chemical reactions, stoichiometry and solutions), and biology (chemical basis of life, cells, genetic expression, Mendelian inheritance, metabolism, general concepts of ecology and evolution), in order to successfully meet the program's demands.


Graduate students of the Medicine program carry out the clinical practice in its two dimensions (diagnosis; treatment, prevention and promotion); diagnose and intervene in public health problems, formulate and support the strategic plan of a health center; demonstrate ethical sense, professional responsibility and teamwork in their practice; demonstrate autonomous learning; and design and execute a research project and report the results.

  • Simulation center with state-of-the-art equipment which fosters learning in controlled environments.
  • Structure and Function Lab
  • With networks that include institutions from America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

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