Communication and

Program Learning Outcomes

Persuasive Communication

You will persuade different audiences, respecting their values by means of innovative messages.

Advertising Strategy

You will design innovative communication strategies to achieve specific objectives, with a market vision.

Advertising Management

You will execute advertising projects based on the most appropriate management tools to reconcile the business profitability with the construction of a responsible society.

Campaign Implementation

You will evaluate local and global advertising communication trends according to social needs to implement pertinent advertising campaigns or projects.

Graduate Student Profile

As graduates of UPC's Communication and Publicity program, you will be able to:

Create persuasive messages, according to the consumer behavior.

Design innovative advertising strategies oriented to solving specific problems and to achieving results.

Manage the use of analysis tools, both qualitative and quantitative.

Implement advertisement projects or campaigns in local and global contexts.

Area of Application

General director in advertisement agencies

Advertisement and marketing manager

Accounts director

Art director

Creative director

Creative editor

Independent advertising agent

Communicator in commercial or industrial companies

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