Communications and

Program Learning Outcomes

Language Command

You will master tools, techniques, and narrative models for journalistic production while considering the intentionality, authenticity and consequences of this task.

Reality Analysis

You will apply knowledge, regulations and principles to come up with a meticulous diagnosis of facts from a realistic and objective perspective.


You will incorporate notions, proposals and journalistic tools in a permanent, systematic and critical manner and apply them correctly in your professional setting.


You will be able to generate proposals and lead communication initiatives in different journalistic organizations and in any stage of the process.

Common Sense

You will interact independently and pertinently with a clear vision of yourself and of your role as journalist, applying flexible criteria and committing to your decisions and actions.

Journalistic Investigation

You will carry out journalistic investigations using pertinent tools and techniques in the most intelligent, analytic and up-to-date manner.

Graduate Student Profile

As graduates of UPC’s Communication and Journalism program, you will be able to:

Articulate communication processes from various perspectives.

Master information, opinion, research and interpretation areas, as well as project execution.

Produce journalistic material for diverse communication media and platforms.

Perform various functions related to the processes of design, production, editing, implementation and evaluation of communicative and journalistic proposals.

Area of Application

Director/journalist of written, audiovisual or interactive media.

Producer of journalistic programs on radio, television or internet.

Head of communication strategies in organizations.



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