Communication and

Program Learning Outcomes

Commercial Update and Innovation

Incorporates new local and global market trends in his/her project proposals in a permanent, systematic and critical manner.

Commercial and Marketing Management

Elaborates communication and marketing plans with strategies, tactics and short, medium or long-term actions, in order to achieve commercial goals and obtain profitability.

Graduate Student Profile of Communication and Marketing Program

As graduates of UPC’s Communication and Marketing Program you will be able to:

Develop marketing and communication plans with tactics, strategies and short, medium and long-term actions while applying new trends and metrics that consolidate brands in the market.

Materialize business opportunities, achieve commercial objectives, and obtain profitability. All of this must be done within a framework of sustainability and ethics.

Area of Application

Product or brand manager.

Manager/Director/Head of Marketing.

Manager/Director/Head of Strategic Planning.

Manager/Director/Head of Market Research.

Manager/Director/Head of Digital Marketing

Entrepreneur and owner of your own company

Business consultant and advisor.

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