Communication and
Corporate Image

Program Learning Outcomes

Reality Analysis and Understanding

You will interpret the national and international reality to evaluate the direct and indirect impact on organizations.

Relationship Management

You will consolidate relationships between the organization and its different stakeholders from a comprehensive and empathetic vision.


You will create communication strategies oriented towards fulfilling the organization's objectives through projects that adequately use human, economic and technological resources.

Communication Tools Management

You will apply communicative tools, communication media and technologies according to the strategies and target audiences.


You will unify commercial, institutional and organizational messages based on the construction of a positive image and reputation based on a socially responsible behavior.

Communication Risk Management

You will make decisions based on knowledge, regulations and principles in a critical and rigorous manner to solve and prevent problems between the organization and its audiences.

Graduate Student Profile

As graduates of UPC’s Communication and Corporate Image Program, you will be able to:

Create constructive relationships between the organization and its different audiences to consolidate its image and reputation.

Execute communicative strategies according to the needs of an organization, analyzing and understanding the reality they are in.

Manage communicational risks and organizational crisis to solve conflicts.

Elaborate social intervention development projects that involve the organization and its environment in a critical way.

Area of Application

Director of Communications and Institutional Image in large organizations.

Corporate Affairs and Social Responsibility Manager.

Leader of identity construction and organizational culture projects.

Leader of prevention and crisis resolution projects.

Independent consultant and advisor

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