Translation and

Program Learning Outcomes

Translation Studies

The ability to translate thoroughly with a high productivity to produce functional texts according to the linguistic norms, field of specialty, and sociocultural conventions.

Mother Tongue

The ability to write complex academic texts autonomously with a high level of style, a high mastery of the Spanish norms and relevant meaning construction.

B and C Languages

The ability to understand and produce a wide array of extensive texts and recognize their implicit meaning, making flexible use of the language for social, academic, and professional purposes.


The ability to use the consecutive interpreting modalities appropriately and effectively, in relevant fields and recognizing their abilities as future conference interpreters.


The ability to carry out a research project on a topic related to their specialty, from applying a scientific methodology rigorously to communicating their findings.


The ability to skillfully articulate their command of specialized and generic computer tools with the translation and interpreting process, in order to render it efficient and effective.

Graduate Student Profile

UPC’s Translation and Interpretation graduates are interdisciplinary professionals who will enable communication in different languages.

Ability to translate general and specialized texts in different fields and applying quality criteria.

Professional command of foreign languages both orally and in writing

Content preparation and text correction in Spanish with stylistic and professional criteria

Ability to interpret consecutively in meetings and during visits.

Area of Application

Freelance translator and interpreter

Text editor in Spanish

Content creator

Audiovisual product subtitler

Translation project manager

In-house translator and interpreter

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