Curriculum of Architecture Program

In order to promote a better understanding by students and stakeholders, UPC presents the curriculum of the Architecture program, which educates professionals capable of developing infrastructures that integrate visual and functional aspects.


    History and Humans Sciences

    Visual Arts


    Basics Sciences and Construction

  • Studio 1 Introduction to Architectural Design
  • Ethics & Citizenship
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Visual Representation and Drawing
  • Studio 2 Architecture and Art
  • Introduction to Architectural Concepts
  • Physics
  • Differential Calculus
  • Architectural Drawing
  • Studio 3 Architecture and Place
  • Architectural Analysis
  • History of Art & Architecture from Ancient Times
  • Structural Modeling I
  • Integral Calculus
  • Studio 4 Architecture and Functionality
  • Sustainability and Environment
  • History of Art & Architecture from the Middle Ages to the
  • Structural Modeling II
  • Initial Stages of Construction Workshop
  • CAD Computer - Aided Design
  • Studio 5 Architecture and Environment
  • Language Production & Comprehension I
  • History of Art & Architecture from Baroque to Art Nouveau
  • Managing Building Installations
  • Masonry Workshop
  • Studio 6 Architecture and Construction
  • History of Pre-Hispanic, Colonial and Republican
  • History of Modern & Contemporary Art
  • Research Methods
  • Lightweight Roofing, Formworks Workshop
  • Elective Course
  • Studio 7 Integrated Architectural Design
  • Introduction to Urban Planning
  • Preservation of the Architectural Heritage
  • Wood Construction and Finishes
  • Elective Course
  • Studio 8 Architecture and the City
  • Urban Programing and Management
  • Architectural Research
  • Handling Special Equipment and Installations
  • Elective Course
  • Studio 9 Architectural Project Completion
  • Urban Planning Seminar
  • Project Management
  • Professional Project Guidelines
  • Elective Course
  • Studio 10 Graduation Project Workshop
  • Architectural Theory
  • Elective Course
Electives History and Criticism of Art and Architecture Emphasis
Vernacular Architecture Contemporary Arts and Architecture Trends Public Art Peruvian Art Lima City Architectural Acoustic Landscape Management Restoration of Buildings Urban Restoration
Graphic Expression Emphasis Digital Technologies Emphasis
Sketches Color and Perception Architectural Presentation Construction Plans Architectural Sketch Infographic Advanced CAD CAD Modeling and Animation Post Production Programming and Digital Manufacturing
Academic Field Trips
Peru Field Trip (South
Peru Field Trip (North)
Italy Field Trip
France Field Trip
China Japon Field Trip
Studio 5 Design Studio in Oklahoma
Studio 7 Desidn Studio in Cusco
Studio 8 Design Studio in Camerino
Studio 8 Design Studio in Madrid
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