Acerca de la carrera

A creative profession that conceptualizes, designs, and builds spaces and structures for living.
As an architect, you will be able to devote to urban planning, design, development, remodeling, renovation, restoration, and project management.

You like art, painting, and drawing; you are creative and detail-oriented; you are observant, analytical, and responsible; you work in teams; and you are good at mathematical reasoning.

What degree is awarded?

Bachelor of Architecture

How long does it last?

10 academic semesters in 5 years

Where can you study?

Monterrico Campus, San Miguel Campus o Villa Campus

Area of Application

  • Architectural and urban project designer.
  • Public and private works supervisor.
  • Building and urban area restorer.
  • Real-estate manager.
  • Researcher (architecture, urban planning, construction).
  • University professor.

International agreements with prestigious universities.


Design workshops with
12 students per professor.


Construction workshops,
a unique experience in the country.


Campuses with labs
equipped with cutting-edge software.


In order to promote a better understanding by students and stakeholders, UPC presents the curriculum of the Architecture program, which educates professionals capable of developing infrastructures that integrate visual and functional aspects.


    Historia y Ciencias Humanas

    Artes Visuales




    Ciencias Básicas y Construcción

  • T1 - Introducción al Diseño Arquitectónico
  • Ética y Ciudadanía
  • Matemática Básica
  • Expresión Artística y Espacial
  • T2 - Arquitectura y Arte
  • Introducción a la Arquitectura
  • Calculo Diferencial
  • Física
  • Dibujo Arquitectónico
  • T3 - Arquitectura y Entorno
  • Análisis Arquitectónico y Topografía
  • Arte y Arquitectura de la Antigüedad a la Edad Media
  • Cálculo Integral
  • Modelación Estructural 1
  • T4 - Arquitectura y funcionalidad
  • Arte y Arquitectura de la Edad Media al Renacimiento
  • Obras Preliminares
  • Modelación Estructural 2
  • Conocimiento del CAD
  • Sostenibilidad y Medio Ambiente
  • T5 - Arquitectura y Medio Ambiente
  • Comprensión y Producción de Lenguaje 1
  • Arte y Arquitectura del Barroco al Art Nouveau
  • Albañileria Simple y Armada
  • Instalaciones en Edificaciones
  • T6 - Arquitectura y Construcción
  • Arquitectura Peruana
  • Arte y Arquitectura Moderna y Contemporánea
  • Techos Aligerados, Encofrados
  • Seminario de Investigación Académica I
  • Electivo
  • T7 - Taller de Integración
  • Urbanismo
  • Conservación del Patrimonio Cultural Inmueble
  • Acabados/Tecnología de la Madera
  • Seminario de Investigación Avanzada II
  • Electivo
  • T8 - Arquitectura y Ciudad
  • Gestión Urbana
  • Equipos e Instalaciones Especiales
  • Investigación Arquitectónica
  • Electivo
  • T9 - Taller de Ejercicio Profesional
  • Seminario de Urbanismo
  • Lineamientos para el Proyecto Profesional
  • Gestión Inmobiliaria
  • Electivo
  • T10 - Taller de Tesis
  • Teoría de la Arquitectura
  • Sinergia Profesional
  • Electivo

Architecture at UPC

Look at everything UPC offers you to study Architecture.

Marisol Layseca and Sebastián Paredes

Different architecture professionals.

Monterrico Campus Workshop

Learn about the experience of building in our Monterrico Campus.

Campus San Miguel Workshop

Learn about the experience of building on our San Miguel Campus.

Campus Villa Workshop

Meet the experience of building in our Campus Villa


Architecture at UPC


Marisol Layseca and Sebastián Paredes


Monterrico Campus Workshop


Campus San Miguel Workshop


Campus Villa Workshop

Why Architecture at UPC?

Ten design workshops

Enhance your creativity to transform ideas into designs and your sensitivity to transform the environment.

Construction workshops that are unique in the country

Experience construction challenges in real time and supplement your theoretical and practical knowledge.

Specialized technology

Three campuses with labs equipped with state-of-the-art technology and software.

Outstanding faculty

Experts in design, digital technology and specialized software for project design and management.

Program curriculum

Social and environmental approach Sustainable architecture courses from the third term.

International experiences

Travel and get to know the evolution of architecture in different cultures and historical periods.


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Politecnico di Milano (Italy)


L-Ecole Speciale D´Architectura (France)

University of California, Berkeley (United States)

Programs that might interest you

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