About the Program

At UPC you will receive an international-standard theoretical and practical music training, complemented with management tools which will allow you to live out of your passion: music.

We train passionate professionals with a comprehensive vision of the industry, which will allow you to take advantage of the local and global opportunities in the music and entertainment industry.

UPC's Music Program is the first in our country to guarantee an early contact with music performance, composition and production.

Studio 214 provides specially designed areas for music teaching, and state-of-the-art instrumental equipment. Sound rooms implemented with basic instruments, individual and group rehearsal rooms, audio studios, among others. All these state-of-the-art areas provide you with all the necessary tools to develop your musical production.

To educate professional musicians who are upstanding and innovative leaders with a global vision, so as to transform the musical industry in Peru.

To be recognized for educating music professionals with the highest professional competencies known for their leadership in the transformation of Peru.

Incoming students of the music program must show the following aptitudes:

  • Basic knowledge of a musical instrument or human voice, understanding basic knowledge as the recognition of the chords of the major scale and the notes that make up the major scale in the instrument or voice.
  • Basic audio-perceptual skills in intonation, rhythmic and melodic memory, understanding basic skills as the ability to intone and memorize melodies and rhythms.
  • Basic musical reading skills, understanding basic skills as the recognition of musical figures, the value of musical figures and the recognition of notes and keys on the staff.
  • Basic mathematical and verbal reasoning skills.
  • Interest in applied music technology.

Graduate students of the music program must be prepared for:

  • Implementing and producing innovative music projects based on new technologies.
  • Proposing and innovating contemporary musical products according to the cultural context, needs and development.
  • Undertaking any project related to the musical and entertainment industry.

For the production specialty:

  • Designing and producing events, concerts, shows and music recitals.
  • Developing phonographic material, using their ability as music or record producers.

For the composition specialty:

  • Creating and/or arranging musical works for solo artists, groups or media such as theater, radio, film, television, advertising, Internet and multimedia, along with live entertainment.

For the Performance specialty:

  • Performing, directing and/or arranging versatile musical works of a high level of technical and interpretative demand, whether for studio recordings or live performances for groups or solo projects of their own or of other artists.

Additionally, you will develop the following specific competencies:

Musical Expertise (in musical language)
Students express themselves properly through written musical language.

Musical Expertise (in an instrument or voice):
Students express themselves properly by a musical expression means, be this an instrument or the voice.

Musical Creativity (in composition):
Students create different types of musical expression based on different musical acts and practices. They compose musical works.

Musical Creativity (in arrangements):
Students create different types of musical expression based on different musical acts and practices. They arrange musical works.

Musical Creativity (in execution):
Students create different types of musical expression based on different musical acts and practices. They perform musical works.

Technology Application
They master the operation of technological tools based on a solid understanding of the theoretical and physiological aspects of sound. They skillfully use the necessary and available technological tools for the expression and recording of musical creativity.