Performing Arts Program

The best and biggest stagings in the whole world are composed of multidisciplinary professionals capable of adapting to the genre, format or media, with their own style, to take advantage of the market opportunities and develop their creativity and innovation to the limit, in addition to showing their work at its best.

Thus, the Performing Arts program educates professionals in contemporary theater, who are creative and sensitive, with a solid technical and international foundation, and outstanding management skills to act in the different fields of the performing arts locally and globally.



To educate professionals who are upstanding, independent, responsible, creative and innovative in the performing arts, culture management and artistic education areas, with a global vision to generate change through their artistic discourse.



To be a model for the promotion of culture at a national level through the training of upstanding and innovative performing artists who are conscious of their role in society as well as in culture. 



As incoming students of the Performing Arts professional program, you must show the following abilities:

  • You will be thoughtful and creative.
  • You will enjoy different forms of expression.
  • You will have an artistic calling and show a great artistic sensibility.
  • You will develop the capacity to express yourself artistically.
  • You will enjoy teamwork.
  • You will show respect for cultural diversity.



As alumni of the Performing Arts program, you will achieve the following:

  • You will be competent, educated, thoughtful, critical and independent professionals.
  • You will create innovative discourses for the stage.
  • You will be recognized in your profession for your social and cultural commitment.
  • You will perform as professionals who are empathetic towards their environment and have a high level of commitment to their job.