About the Program

To train engineers who lead mining operations and related services, with the ability to develop and run profitable projects, committed to worker safety and health, social development and responsibility towards the environment.

To be recognized as the best School of Engineering in the country.

Incoming students of the Mining Management Engineering program should show basic scientific (mathematics, physics and chemistry), entrepreneurial and curiosity aptitudes for problem-solving through analytical thinking. They must have abilities to establish interpersonal relationships fluently and naturally, with high human sensitivity and good social behavior. They must be healthy, as well as passionate for continuous learning.

Upon completion of the program, graduate students of the Mining Management Engineering program will be able to manage resources and activities for extractive operations strategically, by being part of interdisciplinary work groups and leading them to achieve the organization's objectives while emphasizing environmental protection, social responsibility and work safety. The specialty will enable students to perform as mining businessmen or in different areas related to that industry through research and the provision of public services.