About the program

At UPC, we train future strategists and senior managers to lead organizations based on the understanding of the economic situation, developing new projects and innovative businesses. We definitely educate professionals who identify opportunities and are agents of change.

Additionally, thanks to a solid multidisciplinary and managerial education, they are professionals who promote efficient decision-making and future planning in every key business, and private and governmental management area.

To educate upstanding and innovative leaders in Economics with a global vision to generate value within organizations and society, and who contribute to the transformation of Peru.

To be recognized for educating economics professionals with the highest professional competencies known for their leadership in the transformation of Peru.

As incoming students of the Managerial Economics program, you must show the following aptitudes:

  •  Have numeracy skills and be interested in the analysis of the country's and the world's economic and social situation.
  •  Be interested in identifying the causes of the different phenomena that have an impact on the country's development and on its transmission mechanisms toward other economies.
  •  Have leadership skills and be interested in sustainable business ventures.

As graduate students of the Managerial Economics program, you will be able to:

  •  Design research projects and use the economic theory to diagnose and propose solutions to different problems, using different mass media assertively.
  •  Make strategic, organizational and leadership decisions, optimizing resources in a systemic way and promoting sustainable conditions.

Additionally, you will develop the following specific competencies:

Economic Research
You will design and carry out research projects, taking into account relevant academic literature, quantitative techniques and specialized software, as well as the proper use of the published information available.

Economic Analysis
You will use the economic theory and the relevant empirical casuistry to diagnose and propose solutions, using techniques and specialized software.

Communication in Economics
You will be able to present ideas on economics in a clear and accurate way, both orally and in writing, to different audiences.

International Business Management and Interdisciplinarity
You will be able to manage businesses with a global and innovative vision based on a solid multidisciplinary education.