About the Program

To educate professional and competent information systems engineers, with leadership and technological vision skills, capable of formulating an information systems and technology solution project portfolio for a company, designing and optimizing business processes based on quality standards and models that allow the generation of competitive advantages.

To be recognized as the best School of Engineering in the country.

Incoming students to the professional program of Information Systems Engineering must be:

  • Efficient in working with interdisciplinary teams.
  • Skilled in numerical reasoning and exact sciences.
  • Observant, analytical and skilled for making syntheses and abstractions.
  • Skilled in identifying problems and providing simple and creative solutions.
  • Enthusiastic about a business vision.
  • Good for teamwork.
  • Methodical, demanding and organized.
  • Responsible and persevering.

Have a business vision toward optimizing resources and developing organizations, prepared to become a(n): 

  • Business intelligence director.
  • Business architecture and process management director.
  • Expert in e-commerce and e-business solutions.
  • ICT consultant.
  • Social Media Manager.
  • Independent consultant for systems security, quality, and audit.
  • Consultant for network management and ICT.
  • Digital entrepreneur.