About the Program

Today, an organization's image and reputation are essential for its development and growth. Therefore, companies and institutions demand professionals capable of creating and maintaining good relationships with their closest and external environment.

At UPC we train multidisciplinary and ethical professionals that lead the creation of constructive communication and well-being environments in the organization. These experts comprehensively manage the image and reputation of organizations, leading positive relationships with different audiences: employees, providers, costumers, the environment, among others.

To educate upstanding and innovative professional leaders in Communications with a global vision in order to generate value in organizations by designing and developing communication strategies that contribute to transforming Peru.

To be recognized for educating professionals in Communications with the highest professional competencies known for their leadership in the transformation of Peru.

As incoming students of the Communication and Corporate Image professional program you need to show the following characteristics:

  • Socio-emotional abilities to connect with others.
  • Ability to effectively communicate both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to work in teams respecting and valuing diversity.
  • Willpower to resolve problems in different situations within the ethics and responsibility framework.
  • Intellectual curiosity and sensibility for your social, political, cultural and economic environment.
  • Interest in people and business management and in the empathetic construction of long-lasting connections between organizations and their diverse audiences.


As graduate students of the Communication and Corporate Image professional program you will be able to:

  • Create constructive relationships between the organization and its different audiences to consolidate its image and reputation directly or through different communication media.
  • Execute communication strategies according to the needs of an organization, analyzing and understanding the reality they are in.
  • Lead projects of identity and culture construction in a public or private organization with honesty and social responsibility.
  • Manage communicational risks and organizational crisis to solve conflicts through communication tools.
  • Elaborate projects of social intervention development that involve the organization and its environment in a critical way, respecting cultural diversity in national or international spaces.


Additionally, you will develop the following specific competencies:

Reality Analysis and Understanding
You will interpret the national and international situation to evaluate the direct or indirect impact on organizations, which also involves a respectful social intervention.

Bond Management
You will consolidate relationships between the organization and its different target audiences from a comprehensive and empathetic vision by recognizing communication needs, expectations and opportunities.

You will create communication strategies oriented toward fulfilling the organization and business’ objectives through projects that adequately use human, economic, technological and temporal resources that also emphasize the organization's value with responsibility and rigorousness.

Communicative Tools Management
You will apply communicative tools, communication media and technologies according to the strategies and selected target audiences for the construction of positive meaning in an organization.

You will unify commercial, institutional and organizational messages based on the construction of a positive image and reputation upon a socially responsible behavior.

Communication Risk Management
You will critically and meticulously make decisions based on knowledge, regulations and principles for problem-solving and prevention between the organization and its audiences.