About the Program

UPC trains creative and strategic professionals, capable of creating effective message for specific audiences and aligning them with targets, products or services.

To educate upstanding and innovative professional leaders in Communications with a global vision in order to generate value in organizations by designing and developing communication and advertising strategies and plans that contribute to transforming Peru.

To be recognized for educating professionals in Communications with the highest professional competencies known for their leadership in the transformation of Peru.


As incoming students of the Communication and Advertising professional program you need to show the following characteristics:

  • Socio-emotional abilities to connect with others.
  • Ability to effectively communicate both oral and in writing.
  • Ability to persuade your environment through observation, empathy and lateral thinking.
  • Analytical thinking potential.
  • Ability to work in teams respecting and valuing diversity.
  • Interest in creating brands oriented toward people, with emphasis in consumer's behavior.
  • Ability to guide your curiosity to solve problems through communication.


As graduate students of the Communication and Advertising professional program you will be able to:

  • Create persuasive messages adapted to the environment and based on an exhaustive consumer behavior analysis.
  • Design innovative advertising strategies oriented toward solving specific problems and to achieving concrete results.
  • Manage the use of qualitative and quantitative analysis tools as the foundation of an effective planning in the use of communication media.
  • Execute advertising campaigns and projects for local or global contexts respecting values of target societies, based on ethics and social responsibility.

As graduate students of the UPC Communications and Advertising program you will develop the following specific competencies:

Persuasive Communication
You will persuade different target audiences, respecting their values through innovative messages.

Advertising Strategy
You will design innovative communication strategies to achieve specific objectives with a market vision.

Advertising Management
You will execute advertising projects based on the most accurate management tools to find a balance between the business profitability and the construction of a responsible society.

Campaign Execution
You will evaluate local and global advertising communication trends according to social needs to execute pertinent advertising campaigns or projects.