About the program

A university program that trains visual communicators specialized in photography, capable of delivering messages in a strategic, innovative and unique manner through high quality and impact images, using modern photography equipment. They will also be able to apply contemporary digital tools, in addition to the traditional photography processes.

To educate professional photographers in Peru, capable of communicating innovative messages with creativity, fluency, integrity and respect, expressing the culture of their time through a global vision. 

To be the leading educational institution in the training of innovative and creative professional photographers in Peru.


As incoming students of the Communication and Photography program, you must show the following aptitudes:

  • Creativity
  • Interest in understanding the world in a visual manner
  • Show curiosity about knowing and managing the different languages
  • In search of an individual visual expression.


As graduate students of the Communication and Photography program, you will be able to:

  • Generate creative photography projects, according to the visual needs of the commercial, advertising, documentary, educational, and artistic market.
  • Demonstrate your visual training in the critical evaluation of both your own photographs and others’.
  • Produce images for various traditional media and multimedia platforms, adapting to their requirements in a time of constant technological changes. 


Additionally, you will develop the following program specific competencies:  

Photographic Creativity
Ability to produce a photographic creation using aesthetic and formal elements.

Photographic Technique and Technology
Ability to efficiently use photographic tools, both of equipment and programs.

Photographic Narrative
Ability to create photographic stories using visual language in a coherent way.


Competencies shared with all the Communications programs: 

Reality Analysis and Interpretation
Students analyze and interpret the reality in any of its forms.

Management of Informative, Persuasive and Fictional Communication
Students create messages using the appropriate technique, link the actors, and direct the elements that are part of the process.

Strategic Vision and Resource Management
Students identify the resources, arrange them towards a goal, and lead a human group to reach an end that is good for everyone.