About the Program

Technologies related to social networks are transforming the ways in which we communicate, the dialogs and relationships between people and companies; thus, generating new behaviors, new types of production and execution, as well as new knowledge.

At UPC, we train expert professionals in audiovisual production capable of developing creative strategies for the conventional media such as film, radio and television, as well as for the new media, such as Internet and its digital platforms. All of this aligned with its portability in a variety of technological support and formats to satisfy the public's demands.

To educate upstanding and innovative professional leaders in Communications with a global vision in order to generate value by designing and executing audiovisual communication and interactive media projects that contribute to transforming Peru.

To be recognized for educating professionals in Communications with the highest professional competencies known for their leadership in the transformation of Peru.

As incoming students of the Audiovisual Communication and Interactive Media professional program you need to show the following characteristics:

  • Ability to understand the world in a visual manner, with a wide critical and aesthetic sense, correctly communicating ideas through images and sounds, as well as orally and in writing.
  • Ability to work in teams and propose innovative and creative solutions using audiovisual and interactive media.

As graduate students of the Audiovisual Communication and Interactive Media professional program you will be able to:

  • Manage an audiovisual and interactive project through its planning, pre-production, execution and post-production, promotion and distribution stages, by adequately using narrative and audiovisual language and mastering audiovisual techniques and technological resources needed for the correct visualization in different media.
  • Use audiovisual language and narrative in an appropriate way to produce content.
  • Master audiovisual techniques and technological resources required for the correct visualization of the audiovisual content in different media.

Additionally, you will develop the following specific competencies:

Audiovisual Language
You will learn about the formal characteristics of audiovisual language and narrative.

Technique and Technology
You will carry out an audiovisual project, knowing all the pre-production, execution, post-production, promotion and distribution techniques, considering the technological resources needed for production.

Technique and Web Technology
You will carry out an audiovisual project by integrating virtual and interactive resources in the production of an audiovisual story.

Production of an Audiovisual Story
You will create an audiovisual and interactive story, mastering the narrative and audiovisual language for each medium of your choice.

Audiovisual Businesses and Companies
You will manage an audiovisual and interactive project applying economic viability criteria, funding, and resource management.

Reality Analysis and Understanding
You will apply scientific methods of reality analysis to develop audiovisual projects.