About the Program

Our country requires excellent professionals to lead the management of economic resources in the most efficient manner.
This is why at UPC we train managers with a global vision of finance: capable of leading an organization from the highest executive positions. You will manage optimal investment alternatives for the capital markets, mergers or acquisitions, domestic or international projects, with a consistent business vision. You will master the design and analysis of financial indicators and will be capable of generating value in companies.

To educate professionals who are upstanding and innovative leaders with a global vision to generate value within organizations and contribute to the transformation of Peru.

To be recognized for educating finance professionals with the highest professional competencies known for their leadership in the transformation of Peru.

As incoming students of the UPC Administration and Finance program, you must show the following characteristics:

  • Have a clear tendency towards the quantitative analysis of the financial and economic reality of a company in a global context.
  • Feel comfortable in a competitive, high performance and intellectually demanding environment where you will commit to giving your best. 

As alumni you will become professionals who propose strategies to solve contingencies that appear in a functional area, according to your specific situation and your areas of opportunity. You will manage the different functional areas of an organization to generate value for stakeholders based only on the company's mission, vision and values.
You will obtain and manage the necessary financing for the organization to fulfill its obligations, offer technical assistance for the development of projects that satisfy the needs of different organizations, manage the issuance of financial instruments, and manage an investment portfolio by buying and selling financial assets to maximize profitability or minimize the risk of the investor.
Additionally, you will develop the following specific competencies:

  • Planning and Control
  • Personnel Management
  • Information Literacy
  • Decision-Making
  • Investment and Financing Alternatives Assessment and Integrated Risk Management
  • Market and Institutional Framework Knowledge
  • Creation of Financial Models