About the Program

Today, many young entrepreneurs stand ready to develop business initiatives and their own businesses to become successful doing what they like the best. Countries like the United States, Israel or Canada have implemented an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem that drives their economy and astonishes the world. These undertakings seek to generate solutions to social and environmental problems, improving the quality of life of people and protecting the environment, making these countries the leaders in innovation and sustainable development.

In today’s business scenario, it is these undertakings —led by innovative people with a vision— which revolutionize the world and expand at a global level: Google, Apple, Facebook, Airbnb, Starbucks, Lego, Pixar, Twitter, Netflix, Uber, Amazon, Southwest Airlines, Walmart and many others.

To educate leading, upstanding and innovative professionals with a global vision to create and manage sustainable undertakings, contributing to the transformation of Peru.

To be recognized for educating entrepreneurial and leading professionals in innovation with the highest professional competencies to transform Peru.

As incoming students of the Administration and Entrepreneurial Management program, you must show the following aptitudes:

  • Creativity
  • Ability to solve the problems of the people or environment in your surroundings with innovative ideas.
  • You must be able to inspire others to carry out disruptive, complex and ambitious projects.
  • A vocation for entrepreneurship and be willing to develop your own business projects or to manage a family business.
  • You must be an intrapreneur who takes risks within a company to solve problems, improve products or launch new business lines into the market.
  • You must be like those who not only look forward to working for a great transnational corporation.

As a graduate student of the Administration and Entrepreneurial Management program, you will be prepared to:

  • Create, develop and manage your own services, commercialization or goods and products distribution business.
  • Expand your own business, which will integrate companies/vendors with consumers/users through technology and digital media.
  • Work in the areas of marketing, new product development and innovation management in any business.
  • Direct innovation and applied research centers.
  • Provide advice or consulting services in innovation and entrepreneurship matters.
  • Lead or be responsible for governmental organizations dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Lead and expand a family business.

To achieve this, you must have acquired the following specific competencies:

Planning and Control
You will formulate strategic, tactical and operational plans and implement them in order to maximize value for stakeholders by evaluating and measuring the results obtained for the continuous improvement of the organizational processes.

Personnel Management
You will build and manage work teams by motivating their members and developing their leadership to achieve the organizational goals and generate value.

Information Literacy
You will manage quantitative and qualitative information by selecting variables whose impact adds value to the organization.

You will choose the most suitable course of action according to the circumstances and the objective to be met, justifying your choice in the added value of the organization.

Ability to design products, services, processes and business models to solve a problem based on the customer's needs.

Innovation Management
Ability to create and manage innovation models that are properly introduced, disrupting paradigms and achieving market acceptance.

Ability to create and manage your own business, in dynamic and customer-focused contexts.