About the Program

About the Program


Highly demanded program globally that allows graduate students to manage software development, a very sophisticated activity based on the application of a systematic, disciplined and quantifiable approach to software development, operation and maintenance, using modern CASE tools and software engineering techniques.

The Software Engineering program’s mission is aligned with UPC and the School of Engineering’s mission statement. The aim is to educate professional software engineers competent in project undertaking and management within the life cycle of a software program, and in the conception, design and construction of proven quality software, and based on the standards required by the business and profession, with a solid foundation on engineering principles and current computer science trends.

Software Engineers from UPC are able to:

  • Technically define software requirements.
  • Design software product architecture and details.
  • Lead technical teams and technology specialists to develop software products.
  • Establish and apply quality tests.
  • Organize and manage software development projects.
  • Manage a software product development company.