About the Program

Mining is a fundamental activity for the Peruvian economy: it has been an important source of wealth throughout our history, and it has a yet unexplored potential.
It is an industry with many opportunities, but which also presents important challenges. That is why Peru needs professionals capable of adding sustainable solutions that will transform this complex horizon.

To educate upstanding and innovative leader engineers with a global vision, in order to generate value by designing and executing mining engineering projects that will contribute to transforming Peru.

To be recognized for educating engineering professionals with the highest professional competencies known for their leadership in the transformation of Peru.

As incoming students of the Mining Management Engineering program, you must show the following characteristics:

  • Basic sciences (mathematics, physics and chemistry) aptitudes and curiosity for problem-solving through analytical thinking.
  • Abilities to establish interpersonal relationships fluently and naturally, with high human sensitivity.
  • Passion for continuous learning.

As alumni of the Mining Management Engineering program, you will be able to:

  • Strategically manage resources and activities related to extraction, being part of multidisciplinary work teams.
  • Lead the objectives of the organization, emphasizing environmental care, social responsibility and work safety.
  • Also perform as mining businessmen or in different areas related to that industry through research and the provision of public services.

Additionally, you will develop the following specific competencies:

Science Knowledge Application
You will apply mathematics, science and engineering knowledge.

Planning and Conducting Experiments
You will design and conduct experiments. Also, you will analyze and interpret data.

Processes and Systems Design
You will design systems, components or processes to satisfy requirements, taking into consideration realistic restrictions of an economic, environmental, social, political, and ethical nature, and those related to health and safety, and manufacturability and sustainability.

Multidisciplinary Teamwork
You will participate actively and effectively in a multidisciplinary work team.

Engineering Problem-Solving
You will identify, formulate and solve electronic engineering problems.

Ethical and Professional Responsibility
You understand the professional and ethical responsibility in electronic engineering problem-solving.

Effective Communication
You have the ability to communicate effectively.

Engineering Solution Impact Assessment
You will receive extensive training to understand the impact of engineering solutions on global, economic, environmental and social contexts.

Continuous and Autonomous Learning
You will recognize the “need to” and the ability to commit to lifelong learning.

Use of Modern Engineering Tools:
Ability to use modern techniques, skills and tools needed for engineering.