About the Program


Today, information is a vital economic resource, hard to process and accumulate. That is why analyzing, systematizing and optimizing it in a safe and versatile way is more than a technical challenge, it is a management challenge for institutions, users, companies and consumers.

At UPC, we will educate you as engineers aware of the fact that the timely and efficient information management defines the productivity and success of organizations on the short, medium and long term. We know that complexity is not the same as complication, that is why we educate experts in business intelligence that know how to apply engineering principles to the strategic management of knowledge and large information volumes. Information Systems Engineers from UPC accurately integrate the business processes with information systems and technologies design and management. They are analytical and innovative professionals who identify new trends and create tools that revolutionize communication and generate value.

The Information Systems Engineering program aims to educate professional and competent information systems engineers, with leadership and technological vision skills, capable of formulating an information systems and technology solution project portfolio for a company, designing and optimizing business processes based on quality standards and models that allow the generation of competitive advantages.