CAU General Admission

CAU General Admission

What is CAU?

It is a program that offers you a solid academic foundation to help you face this new chapter of our life. According to your results in the Placement Tests (PDN) or PCA, you may need to heighten your knowledge in some subjects. You can do that by registering for the College Advancement Semester (CAU).

What course can you take during the CAU?

Check your results for the Placement Tests  here and find out what courses you should refresh.

How does CAU benefit you?

  • You ensure a better performance during the initial semesters
  • You validate remedial and 1st-semester courses
  • You receive tutoring sessions during the program 

What steps do you need to follow to enroll in CAU?

  1. 1.    If you already know your PDN or PCA results, find out below which courses you could take according your school and program:
  1. Choose a campus for your CAU courses (Monterrico, San Isidro or Villa)

  2. Choose the schedule for each course. Make sure they don’t interfere with each other.

  3. Enroll at our campus, indicate your choices and make the payment to finalize registration.

January 11 to March 4 2016
Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am. and 2:00 pm . according to your election of courses .


1 One Fundamentals course S/. 790
 2  Two Fundamentals courses S/. 1,400
 3 Three Fundamentals courses S/. 2,150

*Fundamentos: Remedial course that you may take if you didn’t pass or didn’t take the PDN or PCA tests


Monterrico, San Isidro, San Miguel o Villa Campuses
Monday through Friday from 9:00 am. to 8:30 pm .
Saturday 9:00 am. to 3:00 pm.

Entry Deadline : 01.06.16



Telephone: 313-3333 o 610-5030
Extensions: 2935, 2936 y 2937

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