Accounting and

Program Learning Outcomes

Planning and Control

You will be able to manage resources in an efficient way, seeking to maximize the benefits.

Personnel Management

You will lead teams seeking to achieve clear and comprehensive objectives.

Quantitative and Qualitative Information Literacy

You will be capable of analyzing and managing relevant information for decision-making.


You will make decisions in a comprehensive way with a disruptive and innovative vision.

Regulatory Knowledge

You will master accounting regulations and you will be able to implement practices that will allow you to have real and reliable information within organizations.

Implementation of Comprehensive Solutions

You will have a holistic vision of organizations and you will provide integrative and customized solutions to meet their needs.

Graduate student profile

As graduates of UPC's Accounting and Administration program, you will be able to:

Be a professional with high ethical standards and good handling of interpersonal relationships.

Work in teams and make timely decisions.

Master the accounting and tax regulations and apply them in the implementation of comprehensive solutions in a company.

Use the technological, planning and control tools available.

Area of Application

International company manager operating within the country or abroad.

Commercial, financial, operational strategist and manager in national and international companies.

Director of the foreign trade area of a company.

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