Administration and
Human Resources

Program Learning Outcomes

Planning and Control

You will be able to efficiently manage resources aiming at maximizing the benefits.

Personnel Management

You will lead teams seeking to achieve clear and comprehensive objectives.

Quantitative and Qualitative Information Literacy

You will be capable of analyzing and managing relevant information for decision-making.


You will be able to make decisions in a comprehensive manner and using a disruptive and innovative vision.

Human Resources Management

You will be able to manage and optimize human potential within organizations.

Culture and Labor Climate Management

You will be able to manage activities and comprehensive initiatives to improve the work environment within organizations.

Graduate student profile

As graduates of UPC's Administration and Human Resources program, you will be able to:

Understand the factors that determine client satisfaction and relate them to your work.

Implement high performance work systems and orient them towards efficient customer service.

Establish talent development plans for people, teams and organizations.

Manage a company’s personnel based on competencies.

Area of Application

Manager of companies that provide business solutions on personnel management issues.

Organizational development manager.

Culture and labor climate or internal communication manager.

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