Sports Administration and

Program Specific Learning Outcomes

Planning and Control

You will be able to administer resources efficiently by seeking to maximize the benefits.

Personnel Management

You will lead teams seeking to achieve clear and comprehensive objectives.


You will be able to make decisions in a comprehensive way and with a disruptive and innovative vision.

Sports Planning

You will be able to plan sports management strategically through its different fields of action.

Institutional Sports Management

You will be able to administer and manage the sports institutions with a global vision.

Commercial Sports Management

You will seek to maximize the benefits aimed at sports efficiently.

Graduate Student Profile

As graduates UPC's Sports Administration and Business program,you will be able to:

Formulate strategic plans that allow the generation of value for stakeholders.

Propose a support plan for any sport, considering the type of athlete.

Propose a sustainable strategy for any sport institution.

You will implement a commercial strategy that will allow you to generate value to institutions.

Area of Application

Manager of companies focused on competitive sports (such as clubs)

Manager of related business companies (such as sportswear)

In federations, associations and committees (such as FIFA)

Freelancer who provide services to any of the institutions mentioned before


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