Administration and

Program Learning Outcomes

Planning and Control

You will be able to efficiently manage resources aiming at maximizing the benefits.

Personnel Management

You will lead teams seeking to achieve clear and comprehensive objectives.

Quantitative and Qualitative Information Literacy

You will be capable of analyzing and managing relevant information for decision-making.


You will be able to make decisions in a comprehensive manner and using a disruptive and innovative vision.

Market Analysis

You will be able to analyze the different factors interacting in local and international markets.

Strategic Planning

You will become an innovative strategist, able to find solutions for the different market needs, looking to maximize the businesses and corporations’ benefits.

Graduate Student Profile

As graduates of UPC’s Administration and Marketing program, you will be able to:

Show analytical skills and critical thinking oriented towards achievement and teamwork.

Analyze the market and develop a strategic vision.

Have a local and global vision and be prepared for change.

Identify consumer needs and create strategies for changing and strengthening brands and products.

Area of Application

Commercial, marketing, sales or service manager in companies

Product or purchasing manager within the retail, distribution chain and international trade fields

Manager in marketing companies such as advertisement agencies and market research agencies

Your own company manager

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