Administration and
Entrepreneurial Management

Program Learning Outcomes

Planning and Control

You will formulate strategic, tactical and operational plans and implement them to maximize value for stakeholders.

Information Literacy

You will manage quantitative and qualitative information by selecting variables whose impact adds value to the organization.


You will choose the most suitable action according to the circumstances and the objective to be met.


Ability to design products, services, processes and business models to solve a problem based on the customer's needs.

Innovation Management

Ability to create and manage innovation models that are properly introduced, disrupting paradigms and achieving market acceptance.


Ability to create and manage your own business, in dynamic and customer-focused contexts.

Graduate student profile

As graduates of UPC's Entrepreneurial Administration and Management program,you will be able to:

Create, develop and manage your own services, commercialization or goods and products distribution business.

Work in the areas of marketing, new product development and innovation management in any business.

Provide advice or consulting services in innovation and entrepreneurship matters.

Area of Application

Owner of your own company.

Manager of a family business.

Manager or director of: Marketing or Development of New Projects or Innovation and Development.

Business advisor or consultant on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Research in entrepreneurship and development matters (international, governmental organizations, etc.).

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