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Director of the Administration and Agribusiness Program
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Ph.D. and MBA from the Iowa State University (USA). Bachelor of Science with a mention in Zootechnics from the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in corporate and academic management in Latin America and the USA.

He has held managerial and administrative positions in institutions such as: Pfizer Animal Health, Warner Lambert, Alcon Labs (Novartis), and Grupo AUNA. Currently, he is the Director of Evergreen Agro, a company that develops export agricultural business in Tacna and partner and stockholder of Fledge LATAM SERIES fund that promotes the development of impactful sustainable start-ups.

Advisory Committee

Alfredo Lira ChirifGeneral Manager of Agricola Cerro Prieto

Carlos Lozada Director of Fundo América

Christian Villavicencio Research Manager in San Fernando

Enrique Melgar Executive Director of ProAcuicultura

Fernando Cillóniz Benavides Chair of the Board in Consultora [email protected]ón

Ivan Mesia Lizaraso Executive Director of Lactea S.A.

Lionel Arce Orbegozo General Manager in Complejo Agroindustrial Beta

Mario Berrocal Pérez General Manager in Asociación Peruana de Avicultura

Mario Salazar Vergaray Chair of the Board in Agrícola y Ganadera Chavín

Roberto Persivale Executive Director of Asesorandes

Ulises Quevedo Berastian CEO of Grupo Rocio

Yoselyn Malamud Kessler General Manager in Sociedad Agrícola Virú

Manuel Yzaga General Manager Agrícola Challapampa

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