Industrial Engineering


To educate engineers who are upstanding and innovative leaders with a global and social vision, capable of designing, improving, evaluating and controlling a company's goods and services productive systems, thus improving their competitiveness.

Program Educational objetives (PEO)

The Program Educational objetives (PEOs), must be accomplished by graduates of the Industrial Engineering program some years after graduating. These objetives are:

PEO 1: Technical Competence

Uses basic sciences and technical engineering knowledge to design, implement, operate, improve, and control production processes and organizational resources efficiently.

PEO 2: Creativity and Independent Thinking

Innovates products and processes by adopting new technologies and keeping an open and independent thinking attitude.

PEO 3: Leadership, Collaboration and Communication

Expresses his/her ideas clearly and effectively by interacting in multidisciplinary teams as leaders or by playing a proactive role.

PEO 4: Professionalism

Their actions are regulated by the standards of their profession, with an ethical, global and social sense.

PEO 5: Lifelong Learning

Keeps up to date through continuous learning with a holistic vision, adding new concepts from other areas of knowledge.

Incoming Student Profile

Incoming students of the Industrial Engineering program must have a solid foundation in subjects related to mathematics, science and technology; a basic command of English; effective communication skills; a strong interest in innovation, technology, industry, industrial automation; and an ability to explain the relationship between their personal development and the national and international, social and economic context; and act according to their requirements, through teamwork, solidarity, mutual respect, social responsibility and environmental protection.

Graduate Student Profile

Graduates of the Industrial Engineering program design, develop, implement and improve integrated systems that include people, materials, information, equipment and energy. With solid training in mathematics, science, technology and humanities, they manage to integrate systems by using experimental practices, modern tools, continuous learning and ethical responsibility. To do this, they take into consideration the impact of engineering solutions in a global context, so they can understand our reality and contribute significantly to the country's development.

Student Outcomes (Perfil del Estudiante - SO)

Student Outcome (a):

Has the ability to solve Industrial Engineering problems by applying mathematical, science and engineering knowledge.

Student Outcome (b):

Has the ability to plan and conduct experiments by analyzing and interpreting the data obtained.

Student Outcome (c):

Has the ability to design components, processes or systems to satisfy needs, considering realistic restrictions of an economic, environmental, social, political, and ethical nature, and those related to health and safety, and manufacturability and sustainability.

Student Outcome (d):

Integrates into multidisciplinary teams and recognizes the importance of teamwork.

Student Outcome (e):

Identifies, formulates and solves engineering problems.

Student Outcome (f):

Develops activities with the ethical and professional responsibility of an engineer.

Student Outcome (g):

Communicates clearly and effectively by using the technical language of the company.

Student Outcome (h):

Researches the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental and social context.

Student Outcome (i):

Keeps up to date in the profession, recognizing the importance of continuous learning.

Student Outcome (j):

Knows contemporary topics that help in achieving a better command of the profession.

Student Outcome (k):

Uses modern techniques, skills and tools needed in the engineering practice.


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