Software Engineering Program

About the Program

To educate professional and competent software engineers in the development and management of projects within the software life cycle, and in the conception, design and construction of software products of proven quality and based on the standards required by the business and the profession, with a solid foundation in engineering principles and current trends in computing.

To be recognized as the best School of Engineering in the country.

The incoming student profile must be:

  • Methodical, creative and disciplined.
  • Meticulous and self-demanding.
  • Skilled for numerical reasoning and exact sciences.
  • Responsible and persevering.
  • Good for analysis, synthesis and abstraction.
  • Committed to the importance of Engineering in solving global problems.

Graduate students of the Software Engineering program are prepared to:

  • Lead software development companies.
  • Design virtual architectures, intelligent solutions and interactive software, using emerging technologies such as WWW, Cloud Computing, social networks, among others.
  • Manage projects that ensure the development and maintenance of software quality.
  • Promote mobile solutions for the main market platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, etc.) and integration of heterogeneous systems software at the enterprise level.
  • Be a digital entrepreneur.

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