Mining Management Engineering

About Mining Management Engineering

A program that trains engineers to manage resources and activities for extractive operations strategically, by being part of work groups, leading them to achieve the organization's objectives while emphasizing environmental protection, social responsibility and work safety. These program trains mining industry executives with managerial skills and mining entrepreneurs in the different fields of the related industries, through the provision of services and research work.

If you believe that mining has the potential to be the country's largest source of wealth and you want to turn Peru into the center of global mining, this program is for you.

Which degree will be obtained?

Bachelor of Mining Management Engineering.

What will the duration be?

10 academic terms in 5 years.

Where will you be able to study?

Villa campus.

Graduates of UPC’s Mining Management Engineering program will be able to work as:

  • Managers of mining companies with activities in the country and abroad.
  • Mining operations managers.
  • Mining operations superintendents.
  • Leaders of research, formulation, and assessment of mining investment projects.
  • Responsible for the areas of safety and environment, community relations, environmental management, safety and social responsibility.
  • Administrator of the finance, mining assets, quality, logistics and commercialization areas.
  • Consultant in geology, mining, and extractive metallurgy.
  • Professor and researcher in engineering and mining.

Area of Application

After studying Mining Management Engineering at UPC, you can hold the positions of:

  • Mining companies with activities in the country and abroad.
  • Companies dedicated to the research, formulation, and assessment of mining investments.
  • Companies that provide services to the mining industry.
  • Regulatory bodies of mining investments and exploitations.
  • Public entities linked to the mining industry.
  • Mining Engineering Schools of private and public universities.

curriculum specialized in mining management.

Internationally renowned graduates.

Trips to mines during the program.

Competitive curriculum with a global mining vision.


In order to guarantee a greater understanding of students and stakeholders, UPC offers the curriculum of the Mining Management Engineering program, which is structured in ten academic terms, with courses that properly combine theory and practice to educate quality engineers at the service of society.


    Matemáticas y Ciencias Básicas



    Ingeniería Aplicada



  • Introducción a la Ingeniería de Gestión Minera
  • Dibujo Asistido por el Computador
  • Comprensión y Producción de Lenguaje 1
  • Matemática Básica
  • Química
  • Ética y Ciudadanía
  • Cálculo 1
  • Taller de Creatividad
  • Biología
  • Geología
  • Topografía
  • Seminario de Investigación Académica 1
  • Cálculo 2
  • Física 1
  • Topografía Minera
  • Comprensión y Producción de Lenguaje 2
  • Dirección de Empresas
  • Ecuaciones Diferenciales y Álgebra Lineal
  • Estática
  • Mineralogía y Petrología
  • Geología Estructural
  • Física 2
  • Estadística Aplicada 1
  • Ingeniería de la Voladura
  • Economía para la Gestión (Ing)
  • Mecánica de Materiales
  • Legislación Minera
  • Geología de Yacimientos Minerales
  • Mecánica de Rocas
  • Gestión de Recursos Humanos en Minería
  • Mecánica de Fluídos
  • Investigación de Operaciones
  • Minería Subterránea
  • Concentración de Minerales
  • Contabilidad y Gestión de Costos en Minería
  • Evaluación de Recursos Minerales por Métodos Geoestadísticos
  • Responsabilidad Social y Relaciones Comunitarias en la Minería
  • Electivo de la Carrera 1
  • Minería Superficial
  • Gestión Comercial de Minerales
  • Gerencia Financiera para Minería
  • Plan de Cierre y Post Cierre De Minas
  • Seguridad, Salud Ocupacional y Medio Ambiente
  • Seminario de Investigación Académica 2 (Ing)
  • Formulación y Evaluación de Proyectos de Inversión en Minería
  • Gestión Logística en Minería
  • Proyecto de Tesis 1
  • Elaboración de Modelos y Planeamiento de Minas
  • Electivo de la Carrera 2
  • Proyecto de Tesis 2
  • Electivo de la Carrera 3
  • Electivo de la Carrera 4
  • Electivo de la Carrera 5
  • Electivo de la Carrera 6

Why study Mining Management Engineering at UPC?

At UPC, we educate professionals who will transform the country thanks to their solid understanding of the career, management and leadership.


Why study Mining Management Engineering at UPC?

Why study Mining Management Engineering at UPC?

UPC evolves and strives to offer the best for its students.

Your career from the beginning

You will take program-specific courses as of the first term that will put your skills into practice.

Active educational methodology

We implement teaching using real and simulated cases to strengthen continuous learning.

Specialized infrastructure

We have simulated laboratories with sophisticated technology that will allow you to have an experiential education.

Active relationship with the mining sector

We participate actively in the development of projects with the sector to enhance competitiveness and the acquisition of knowledge.

Interdisciplinary education

We provide a solid education along with the rest of engineering programs to create new methodologies with a positive impact.

Specialized tools in mining management with international support

We have certified software and programs throughout the program courses.


Study one or two terms abroad. You will be able to choose among
the following options:

mapamundi icon-ubigeo icon-ubigeo icon-ubigeo

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology - United States


University of Liverpool - England

Universidad Andrés Bello - Chile


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