Business Management Engineering

About Business Management Engineering

A program that educates professionals in a multiple field of action, including innovation management, project management, product and service development, and economic and financial management. If you want to be a business visionary that merges management and technology in each organization, this program is for you.

Which degree will be obtained?

Bachelor of Business Management Engineering.

What will the duration be?

10 academic terms in 5 years.

Where will you be able to study?

Monterrico Campus, Villa Campus, San Miguel Campus, San Isidro Campus

Area of Application

After studying Business Management Engineering at UPC, you can hold the positions of:

  • Specialized innovation manager.
  • Process and total quality strategist.
  • Specialist in project development.
  • Leader in new technologies management.
  • Head of the supply chain management.
  • Consultant in talent management.
  • Supply chain manager.

term field trips from the start.

High level of participation of the sector as strategic partners.

+ 30

specialized international agreements for the program.

Highly specialized in management (Lean Canvas model).


In order to guarantee a greater understanding of students and stakeholders, UPC offers the curriculum of the Business Management Engineering program, which is structured in ten academic terms, with renowned professors in the academic and business world.


    Matemáticas y Ciencias Básicas


    Ingeniería Empresarial

    Sistemas de Gestión


  • Comprensión y Producción de Lenguaje 1
  • Taller de Creatividad
  • Fundamentos de Ingeniería de Gestión Empresarial
  • Matemática Básica
  • Química
  • Comprensión y Producción de Lenguaje 2
  • Seminario de Investigación Académica 1
  • Dirección de Empresas
  • Cálculo 1
  • Lógica
  • Microeconomía para Ingenieros
  • Contabilidad Financiera para Ingenieros
  • Cálculo 2
  • Emprendimiento y Modelos de Negocio
  • Estadística Aplicada 1
  • Macroeconomía para Ingenieros
  • Ética y Ciudadanía
  • Informática para los Negocios
  • Ingeniería de Métodos
  • Física 1
  • Estadística Aplicada 2
  • Marketing
  • Ingeniería de Costos
  • Gestión por Procesos
  • Ingeniería de Productos y Servicios
  • Métodos Cuantitativos
  • Investigación de Mercados e Inteligencia Comercial
  • Ingeniería Económica
  • Calidad 1
  • Ingeniería para la Innovación
  • Simulación de Sistemas
  • Derecho de los Negocios
  • Gestión del Capital Humano
  • Gerencia Financiera para Ingenieros
  • Calidad 2
  • Ingeniería de Gestión Empresarial Avanzada
  • Comportamiento Organizacional
  • Formulación y Evaluación de Proyectos
  • Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional
  • Seminario de Investigación Académica 2 (Ing)
  • Sistemas de Información Gerencial
  • Supply chain Management
  • Gerencia de Proyectos
  • Ambiente y Responsabilidad Social
  • Proyecto de Investigación Aplicada 1
  • Electivo
  • Electivo
  • Proyecto de Investigación Aplicada 2
  • Electivo
  • Electivo
  • Electivo
  • Electivo

Why Study Business Management Engineering at UPC?

Carlos Noceda, Business Management Engineering graduate from UPC, tells us about his education in the program that allowed him to develop his own undertaking, based on innovation and technology.


Why Study Business Management Engineering at UPC?

Why study Business Management Engineering at UPC?

UPC evolves and strives to offer the best for its students.

Competition at the highest level

We participate in international programs that enhance learning and enrich students’ experience.

Nationally and internationally recognized graduates

We have undertakings awarded at a local and international level.

Online and didactic educational model

We have a modern infrastructure with access to online information and research.

Interdisciplinary education

We offer solid management tools, so our graduates can grow within organizations.

Versatile curriculum

We train competitive professionals with the skills to hold different positions within an organization.

Active educational methodology

We implement teaching using real and simulated cases to strengthen constant learning.


Study one or two terms abroad. You will be able to choose among
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