Computing Sciences

Program Learning Outcomes

Planning and Conducting Experiments

Multidisciplinary Teamwork

Use of Modern Engineering Tools

Applicability of Knowledge

Diverse Group Management

Approach on New sis Technologies

Graduate Student Profile

As graduates of UPC's Computer Science program, you will be able to:

Lead new technologies with impact on any organization based on a highly efficient computer approach.

Develop non-conventional computer systems for the large volumes of data processing for knowledge extraction and decision-making.

Generate intelligent systems and image processing capable of automating problem-solving in multidisciplinary contexts.

Develop entertainment and simulation software using a broad range of technologies and emphasizing the development of video games.

Area of Application

Managing software development companies.

Designing virtual architectures, intelligent solutions and interactive software using emerging technologies like world wide web (WWW), cloud computing and social networks, etc.

Managing projects that ensure the development and maintenance of the software quality.

Promoting mobile solutions for the main market platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, etc.) and software integration of heterogeneous systems at business level.

Becoming a digital entrepreneur.

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