Education and
Learning Management

Program Learning Outcomes

Management and Innovation

You will lead the design and implementation of innovative initiatives, programs and projects that contribute to the improvement of educational quality.

Research and Intervention

You will design and manage educational proposals based on the qualitative and quantitative research of the environment.

Design of Learning Processes

You will design significant learning activities that are adapted to individuals, groups and context, using a variety of strategies and resources.

Simplification of Learning Processes

You will facilitate learning by meeting the learning needs, rhythms and preferences of each individual and group.

Learning Assessment

You will evaluate the learning progress and achievements based on determined criteria, and you will record the individual's progress from a comprehensive perspective.

Graduate Student Profile

As graduate students of the Educational and Pedagogical Management program, you will be able to:

Carry out research and intervention projects that respond creatively to the environment needs.

Design, facilitate and assess the challenging and significant teaching and learning processes, meeting individual and group needs.

Become distinguished by their ethical and professional attitude and by the creative integration of technological tools.

Where does an educator work?

Educational centers: nurseries, daycare centers, schools, colleges, institutes, universities

Non-traditional educational centers

Research centers

Publishing companies, game designers, educational materials, media, telecommunications, etc.

Educational projects mediated by technologies

Development projects: public, private companies, NGOs, etc.

Non-formal education: cultural, community projects, etc.

Talent training and development areas

Independent consulting and advisory

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