School of Health Sciences


The excellent performance of our alumni is the example of UPC's academic challenge and quality.

"The curriculum is comprehensive. Program-specific classes complement with public health and health service management courses. UPC's training offers the competencies required to adequately communicate with patients, work in teams and develop leadership skills. Thanks to the University agreements, I had the opportunity to study at Universidad Autónoma de Mexico and Universidad del Valle, Mexico."

Medicine spanrogram
School of Health Sciences

"Program-specific courses have a high academic level. Moreover, the Nutrition and Dietetics program at UPC also offers courses in Marketing, Economics, Management and other related areas. Thus, they broaden students’ vision and strengthen their professional education. Currently, I work as a nutritionist at SportLife gym and as a tutor of the Nutrition course for the UPC Community at the D1 site, Vania Masías' dance school."

Nutritionist at SportLife La Molina gym
School of Health Sciences

"What I like the most about my education at UPC is the course orientation, because we recognize patients as holistic beings that deserve, at all times, a personalized treatment in accordance with their necessities. This is complemented with the experience earned in the national campaigns for clinical tests, preventive and restorative treatment in children and adults. Undoubtedly, the simulation courses are very useful to develop these practices."

Dentistry Program
School of Health Sciences

"The people-focused education at UPC makes me useful for other people, in order to assist them with their problems, even the smallest ones (as breaking an arm), which helps them to perform simple activities without depending on others. I feel really satisfied as a student if I am able to help that person to feel better. All my theoretical knowledge can be applied for practical purposes. Patients feel good when we explain to them what we learned in a detailed and simple way."

Physical Therapy Program
School of Health Sciences
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