Physical Therapy

Program Learning Outcomes

Clinical Practice

UPC's physiotherapists who carry out care work interview and examine the patient; record the results in the individual's clinical history; identify the individual's health and illness risk determinants; associate it with the clinical, family, and social context; require and interpret the auxiliary tests and establish the psychotherapeutic diagnosis; identify treatment needs; carry out disease prevention and health promotion activities; and propose therapeutic decisions according to the patient's diagnosis and the medical, family, social, and cultural context.

Public Health Practice

UPC's physiotherapists who take on health management responsibilities make the situational health diagnosis of a community, designs intervention projects in public health for the prevention or control of health problems that affect it, and formulate strategic management plans.


UPC's physiotherapists make decisions based on ethical codes, norms, culture and regulatory systems; take responsibility for and make a commitment to participating in the activities required, promoting the participation of third parties when required by the situation. In addition, they generate knowledge that contributes to their professional development continuously.


UPC's physiotherapists who take on academic responsibilities design and execute research projects, records, analyzes, and interprets the results and draws conclusions from research.

Graduate Student Profile

As graduates of UPC's Physical Therapy program, you will be able to:

Be a competent and responsible professional with a strong ethical and legal sense who carries out a high quality clinical practice in its different dimensions (physiotherapeutic diagnosis and treatment, and prevention and promotion) and work constantly on your professional development and autonomous learning.

Be a professional of great importance in public health as your situational diagnosis and intervention are vital for the accomplishment of the multidisciplinary team objectives, complimenting your worth by generating research papers that can be published in scientific journals.

Area of Application

You will be a specialist with knowledge and strong skills and aptitudes for health promotion, maintenance, prevention, protection and recovery. Therefore, you will be able to work in the following settings:

Clinics and hospitals

Rehabilitation centers

Alternative therapy centers


Sports clubs


Nursing homes

Independent private practice

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation cabinets

Companies and work centers




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