Program Learning Outcomes

Clinical Practice

UPC's dentistry graduates are able to evaluate patients; record findings in an individual’s medical history; identify an individual's health determinants and risks; associate them with the medical, family, and social context; request and interpret additional exams and establish the diagnosis; carry out disease prevention and health promotion activities; propose therapeutic decisions and implement them according to the patient’s diagnosis and the clinical, family, social and cultural context.

Public Health Practice

UPC's dentistry graduates are able to make the health situational diagnosis of a given community, considering the factors that affect oral health both individually and collectively; they also design and implement oral health prevention and promotion projects.


UPC's dentistry graduates make decisions and generate knowledge that contribute to their professional development, based on ethical codes, norms, culture and regulatory systems; they also take on responsibility and make a commitment to participating in the activities required.


UPC's dentistry graduates prepare, analyze and defend a business plan applied to the dental market, formulating strategies and developing control and monitoring tools that allow reducing risks.


UPC's dentistry graduates take on academic responsibilities; design and execute research projects; record, analyze and interpret results; obtain research findings; and generate information that can be published.

Graduate Student Profile

As graduates of the Dentistry program, you will be able to:

Address the individual, family and community’s oral health problems.

Diagnose, treat and prevent oral diseases.

Generate scientific information that can be published.

Show management skills in your professional practice .

Area of Application

You will become an ethical dentist with management skills, able to lead the labor market. Therefore, you will be able to work as the following:

Director of your own dental clinic

Independent dentist

Adviser and consultant on dental products

Scientific researcher

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