Program Learning Outcomes

Clinical Practice (CP)

Performs social work; evaluates patients; records the medical history of an individual; identifies an individual's health determinants and risks; associates them with the medical, family, and social context; requests and interprets additional exams and establish the diagnosis.

Public Health Practice (PHP)

Takes on health management responsibilities; makes the situational health diagnosis of a community; designs projects of public health intervention to prevent or control health problems affecting it and formulates a strategic management plan.

Professionalism (PRO)

Makes decisions based on ethical codes, norms, culture and regulatory systems; and takes responsibility and makes a commitment to participating in the activities required, promoting the participation of third parties when required by the situation.

Research (R)

Takes on academic responsibilities; designs and executes research projects; records, analyzes and interprets results; and obtains research findings.

Graduate Student Profile

As graduates of UPC's Medicine program, you will be able to:

Carry out your clinical practice in two dimensions (diagnosis; treatment, prevention and promotion).

Diagnose and intervene in public health care problems, formulate and support the strategic plan of a health care center.

Show an ethical sense, professional responsibility, and teamwork skills in your practice.

Design and carry out a research project and report the results.

Area of Application

Physicians who do care work in public institutions.

Physicians who do care work in private institutions.

Physicians who work in management for public and private institutions.

Research physician.

Teaching physician.

Consulting physician for national and international companies.

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