Graduate Student Profile of Music Program


To educate professional musicians who are upstanding and innovative leaders with a global vision, to transform the musical industry in Peru.


To be recognized for educating music professionals with the highest professional competencies, known for their leadership in the transformation of Peru.

Graduate Student Profile

As graduates of UPC's Music program, you will be able to:

    For the Production specialty:
  • Design and produce events, concerts, shows, and music recitals.
  • Develop phonographic material, using your ability as a music or record producer.
  • For the Composition specialty:
  • Create and/or arrange musical works for solo artists, groups or media such as theater, radio, film, television, advertising, Internet and multimedia, in addition to live shows.
  • For the Performance specialty:
  • Performing, directing and/or arranging versatile musical works of a high level of technical and interpretative demand, whether for studio recordings or live performances for groups or solo projects of their own or of other artists.

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