Administration and

Program Learning Outcomes

Planning and Control

You will be able to efficiently manage resources aiming at maximizing the benefits.

Personnel Management

You will lead teams seeking to achieve clear and comprehensive objectives.

Quantitative and Qualitative Information Literacy

You will be capable of analyzing and managing relevant information for decision-making.


You will be able to make decisions in a comprehensive manner and using a disruptive and innovative vision.

Investment and financing alternatives assessment and integrated risk management

You will be able to assess several investment alternatives by managing the risks involved.

Creation of Financial Models

You will prepare models to analyze the different financial indicators of a company and corporation.

Graduate Student Profile

As graduates of UPC's Administration and Finance program, you will be able to:

Propose strategies to solve contingencies in a functional area.

Manage the different organizational areas to create value for stakeholders.

Provide technical advice for the development of projects that satisfy organizational needs.

Solve the issue of financial instruments and manage an investment portfolio to maximize profitability.

Area of Application

Management of the finance department or different executive areas involved in a company’s financial resources.

Private consulting on investment and financing structure for companies.

Business solutions for financial resources and risk management.

Companies and centers offering training services on investment management.

Own businesses.

Management of the work capital and investment of financial surplus.


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